XZLP Records

Written by: Xhomaz - 15. december 2023

By Hosp, obviously. 5 new ones.

More Hosp in Monitor

Written by: Xhomaz - 12. december 2023

Another records update, this time LOS levels and Split Frenzy. 19 new records by Hosp.

Hosp Dominates AI

Written by: Xhomaz - 24. november 2023

The Almost Internals table is also updated with new records in 48 of the levels! Hosp with an insane amount of 43 new records. Also some records by Zero, anpdad, Markku and finman. Also updated Dahlbaner table and added LC3 and LC4 to kinglist and levpacks.

More Sections Updated

Written by: Xhomaz - 23. november 2023

Part 2 of the records update includes the LOS Level section and Split Frenzy. New records by prominent ppl like Hosp, Raven, Lukazz, Orcc, Bjenn, Boomer, skint0r, Mielz and me (yeah that's right, in these EOL times I guess I can go drive my own records).

Records Update, haha

Written by: Xhomaz - 22. november 2023

Figured I could sync this site with Elma Online. Updated the Crazy Höylä table (first time since 2006?), with 18 new records by Mika, jaytea, b0ne, Grace, Zweq, Markku, Kejebra-, Kazan and Spef. Also two new tJET records, one by BoneLESS and one by Raven. Kinglist also updated. Will do other sections next.

Spef won LC4!

Written by: Xhomaz - 19. november 2023

LOS Cup 4 is over after 8 events. The winner was Spef. He won three events and grabbed the win in front of Raven and Bjenn. The cup was a great success and gathered a total of 139 players, thanks to everyone who checked out the levels.

LOS Cup 4

Written by: Xhomaz - 24. september 2023

LOS Cup 4 will begin Sunday, September 24th at 7pm CET. The cup will last for 8 weeks, and there will be one skip allowed. Check out the LOS Cup tab for overview, and check out the official LOS Cup 4 page at Elma Online for playing.

AI Takeover

Written by: Xhomaz - 12. april 2014

So Hosp now got the best AI TT in the world. Great job! 7 new records by him as well.


Written by: Xhomaz - 12. november 2013

Several new records. In AI section, finman got 8 new ones, Tm got 5 and Hosp got 2 records. Also one new tJET record by Phillip. Congrats.

New Records

Written by: Xhomaz - 6. september 2013

11 new AI records by Hosp. Good job.


Written by: Xhomaz - 5. september 2013

Site back up after a couple years of downtime. Record update imminent.


Written by: Xhomaz - 16. february 2011

One new AI record by Tm, sorry about the slow update.

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